Monday, January 27, 2014

Frog tongue

This is my frog tongue.  Well, not exactly my tongue, but you get the point.  Created in Photo shop with the images Mr. Sands has everyone use.  Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a little buddy that is part of your tongue?  Nah, I didn't think so either...  That would be pretty nasty.

Angry Pancakes

This is the first project I did in Computer Art.  It's an angry pancake.  You're not eating it, it's eating you..  Funky blueberry eyes, sharp teeth, and warm drizzled syrup all for the price of normal pancakes, so come buy it today!  The tutorial was very helpful.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Book Art

I chose the theme nightmares and went with that.  Lots of people are afraid of snakes, and since I'd had recent encounters with snakes, I decided on that.  At first it was supposed to be a snake in a forest with a bush and a tree in the background.  Changed to grass with a tree in the background and a sun in the top right.  Sadly, there wasn't time to paint it or finish the tree, but it's better than I expected.  Having a pristine clear plan was extremely hard for me.  Spent too much time estimating how many pages I should do for each layer.  In the end, I just went with it.  Some of the problems faced were; messing up, time management, and inexperience.  When there was a mistake I just went with it.  Nothing's perfect.  It looks pretty good as is..  The original plan was to do a red snake with bright yellow eyes in a dark forest, then became a snake in a field. Showing it in a new light.  (Again, no paint..)  Getting sick of planning was a problem.  I just threw away the planning guide after a bit.  It couldn't have gone better, even though that was a terrible choice.  This looks great to me.  My first book art piece.  I'm proud of it and I will probably take it into my own hands to finish later.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Mini Project

For the mini project, I chose wire.  I'd been waiting to use it all year- and it ended up being pretty fun.  This was meant to be a cat.  I didn't really sketch it...  Just went with it.  Hands-on.  My first time using wire.  Surprisingly wasn't as hard as I expected.  I feel like the head I made was great for a first try, but the way it dangles on the makeshift neck is horrible.  If I could change 1 (maybe 2) thing, then I would chose the head/neck combo.  And maybe the whole body.  This project was fun.