Sculpture Final Portfolio

What was your favorite material that you used this year? Why do you like working with it?
 [snake mug picture.  will be edited soon]
I enjoy working with clay.  It's part of the reason I joined Sculpture, besides wanting to expand the amount of mediums I have used.  You can basically do what you want with clay, though the finer details are extremely hard.  You can do a 3D piece, a relief one, a pot, plate, basically anything you want.  Scoring and slipping was a little bit cantankerous in my opinion.  Constantly having to cut some clay off and put back on due to misplacing the object.  The depth in the relief pieces can work as contrast, but glazing or painting the piece after having it fired is good as well.  I feel like the snake was not what I wanted- a tighter coil and a smaller mug probably would have been better.  It's really heavy, and I'm glad Ms. Sudkamp told me to hollow out the snake so it didn't explode or anything.  The very tip of the tail broke off, but that is probably better than having it in the way.  Sculpturing this was really fun, and even though I went through a lot of mistakes and had to scrap a bunch of stuff, I felt it was a good experience.

Describe a project where the choices you made regarding material, size, technique, etc helped enhance this project.

 In all honesty, I really liked doing these.  Not so much the turtle- That one took forever.  About two and a half days, if not more.  This was a trial and error session for the theme "Repetition".  They are supposed to be clay whistles.  You can't tell what most of them are.  The green one is a turtle, the reddish brown a cat, blue is a hamster, and the silvery grey one is a rabbit.  The turtle is the first one I made, and made it wrong.  It doesn't make any sounds, since the air hole on the bottom is in the wrong spot.  Or something is.  It's a really good idea, and if the turtle had made sound I would have been really happy.  It's the biggest.  The second one I made was the blue hamster.  The hamster looks different because I watched a second tutorial after I made the turtle.  Now it's a different style.  Except I didn't use the popsicle sticks that they did in the video to make sure the air hole and everything were equal.  Big mistake on my part.  The hamster doesn't make any sound either.  The third I made was the cat, and I used a popsicle stick for this one.  It didn't seem to work at first, and it still doesn't work too well, but after it was glazed..  There's definitely a whistle sound.  I was really excited.  Then I made the grey rabbit, and it works even better than the cat.  Technique is important for these things.  I'm not sure if the red clay made any difference because there are too few whistles to tell, but the rabbit is the only one that was made with red clay.  It probably works the best because it is the last one I made, and I made it with more experience than the others.  The popsicle sticks used to measure and align the parts were very important.  From wet clay to having been in the bisque kiln to glazed, the ones that made sounds were different.  The hamster whistled after it was bisqued, and so did the rabbit.  But the cat didn't.  It might have been better if they were the primary colors or complementary colors on the color wheel.

What did you find most difficult about this class?  this could be anything from gathering materials, to generating project ideas, to applying a particular technique.  What could be done to resolve this issue in the future?

You go outside, collect some plants and leaves, and create.  The design and contrast are important in these pieces-  Nature Art.  It's your own concept, and it needs flow.  I didn't do too good at the whole thing but it was enjoyable.  I had reference pictures, but I spent more time collecting and arranging the leaves than I probably should have.  At one point, due to lack of supplies, I had to venture back out to collect more and finish this.  It's a good idea, the moth thing, but I couldn't dish it out.   There were some very nice colors in this.  It looks like there still weren't enough leaves, though.  I found this one the most difficult.  It was a material that I haven't really used at all before.  Gathering leaves, coming up with ideas, creating with the medium-  It just wasn't as easy for me in this project.  Next time I would prefer to have more time to plan this out, or be more experienced in this issue.  Maybe having more time to execute the work.  In general, starting off on any of the projects was hardest, along with beginning to create the art.

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