Friday, March 28, 2014

Pen Tool Duck

This is the duck I made in Adobe Illustrator.   We used the pen tool to outline a rubber duck and then put a gradient fill in.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


We went to the library and drew some little things on the iPads.  Warf.


We made some nice little flowers in Adobe Illustrate.  The pucker & bloat tool is super cool. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

All the Things You Can See Through

Artists Reflect
Every time I stopped and looked at this drawing, I saw mistakes.  There are still mistakes.  While working on the fish himself, the scales and the fins were hard to draw.  The pebbles proved to be a challenge as well.  I thought about doing clear pebbles, but that would've been horrible to draw and would've taken forever.  In the end, Keith's actual pebbles were drawn.
Artists Solve Problems
At one point, all the scales on Keith had been drawn.  They weren't drawn well, so I had to erase more than half of them and start over.  That cycle repeated a few times.  I didn't expect the scales to turn out so well, so that was definitely a surprise. 
Artists Take Risks
I'm not good with drawing fish.  Never really tried to draw them before, so this was hard.  Drawing a fish was certainly a risk - the whole piece is focused on him, after all.  If Keith wasn't drawn correctly, the drawing would be ruined.  While drawing this I tried to go slow and color thoroughly.  My lines always end up sketchy.  That's just the way it is.  I did my best to color it in full.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


For my first cinema-graph, I borrowed Mr. Sands.  He's using mind powers to move the red bear.  But shh, it's a secret that he has superpowers.  It was kinda wet out, so the tripod sank into the mud and moved a few of the pictures.
 For my second cinema-graph, a friend(Joseph) helped.  Reading a book...  For eternity.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Text Cat

Well, this took forever to make, but it was fun to do.  A cat made out of the word "cat" over and over.  I might experiment more with the layer tools, but this day is almost over.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


(Sorry, it turned sideways) I'm really bad at drawing see-through stuff.   This is a candy drawn in Prismacolor pencils;  it looks better than the pastel one(in my opinion).  Started with the candy, then drew the basic outline and the highlights from brightest to dull.  Some of the highlighting actually looks alright.  I need to work on drawing see-through things and the lighting on them.

This is the same candy drawn in pastels.  There's not much shading/highlights.  It's super hard to draw in pastels, and see-through stuff is even harder.  The transition from green to blue is choppy and not fluent, and the candy looks super flat.  Not at all like a candy.  I don't like pastels. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Type 2

So..  This is Type 2.  We downloaded a new font and used that.  Mine was a dripping marker - though it looked more of a horror theme than of a simple marker.  Not much else to say..

Friday, March 7, 2014

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Not too sure what you want us to write about a candy.  Drawing candy in wrappers is pretty interesting.  The people around me with peppermints were not drawing the standard twelve red lines, most of them went way above twelve.  I need to spend more time on the wrapper and highlighting it.  The medium was colored pencils.  I layered the prismas over and over on the candy, making a round tone and figure.  I've had experience drawing candies before, but I'm not sure if this one is the best. 

Look at that View

Artists Create Original Art
    I used my own ideas by; taking some reference pictures of snakes but ultimately drawing this from a different angle than most of the pictures and coming up with the idea for this drawing by myself.  My source of inspiration was a drawing of a house from an ant's view that I saw once.  It was really cool, and I thought about drawing a snake from a mouse's view. 
Artists Create Original Art
   The only new technique I learned while making this is how to incorporate color into a pencil drawing.  I might be getting better at shading smoothly.  I'm horrible at drawing smooth lines.
Artists Solve Problems
    I made a lot of mistakes so there was a lot of stopping and backtracking.  Did my best to finish it and correct all the mistakes.  It was really irritating to keep messing up.  Something unexpected was my almost complete inability to draw the scales - they were changing shape, getting out of line, scales would be misplaced, etc.  The grass in the front was unplanned, but it would look better with some grass in the front.