Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Marble Drop

My theme is...  Cats.  I came up with the theme because cats are my favorite animals.  The ideas were things that cats do, like sleep, fight, eat, play, and just sit there.   I think cutting out all the pieces and painting each and every one was the hardest part of making it.  Then glueing all of it together.  The marble travels downwards.  I don't really know how to explain it otherwise.  Yeah, I made the path.  Cut each piece out of cardboard.  If I could change anything (im not finished yet ill edit this later).  I'm most proud of all the stuff I had to do and how it wasn't just three slopes back and forth.


I undertook the word repitition as a repeating object, which is why I made a few whistles.  Only half of them work.  So I had been making a pinchpot, and thought about making it into a whistle.  I spent the longest on the turtle whistle (which doesn't work)  and then about one day on all the others.  After looking up a few videos and experimenting, I made whistles.  They're fairly simple to make.  I think I was successful in the fact that at least some of them work.


The word "pressure" made me think of the pressure of metamorphosis.  I had planned to make a caterpillar, too, but it didn't work.  I used a photo of a moth as a reference.   The front legs (yes, those are legs) have texture.  (Also, the end of the body has the wings folded over it.)  The one thing I feel like I did successfully was making the front legs, because those are cool and have texture.  If I could change something about this piece, it would be to make more of them... And to make it look less like a piece of poop.

Mixed Media

My mediums for this project were watercolor pencils, tissue paper, photo transfer(tape) and pen.  The theme was Amusement.  I came up with this idea because I find cats playing with toys amusing.  Originally I had planned to put a piece of fabric looking like a cat toy in it's mouth, but that proved too hard to do.  A friend suggested polka dots when I was at a loss for the bacground- "Dots are amusing, right?"  I think the spotted background was the hardest to make.  I had to cut out little circles of tissue paper and then wet them down.  I'm proud of the cat, though it's way unproportional.  Front leg too low, neck too long- that kind of stuff.  I think if I could change something, it would be the cat.  However, I do like the markings.