Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Non-Traditional Portrait

       I chose to do a portrait of my cat, Juneau.  My medium was pine needles (and glue?).  I've had pets all my life, and most of them were cats.  So why not do one of my cats?  They're important to me.  I wanted to do footprints at first, but that would take too long and be too big of a scale.  The idea was rejected.  So I was thinking of materials that were easy to get and that are abundant.  My backyard has a forest.  There are tons of pine needles, and I decided that's what I was gonna do.  No shortage of pine needles here.  It was a good decision to use pine needles for my cat because it emphasizes the fur.  Animals are furry.  Well, some of them.  It was a little hard to break up every pine needle cluster and then glue every little piece down.  Looks like it was worth it, though.  One of the risks was the challenge of time.  Sticking every little piece down one-by-one is time consuming.  I've never made a cat with non-traditional materials before, either.  I think I like my choices.  Pine needles made a good medium, and shows the fur well.  I guess I can connect the materials to my cat.  I want to take him outside eventually, but he's a little eager to go outside and we might not be able to trust him.  Anyways, this project was pretty fun and I liked it.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Nature Art

Land art is a time-limited piece of art.  Made out of the land.  It will dissapear over time.  Not designed to be long-lasting, they are supposed to dissapear eventually.  After all, that's usually what theyre made to do.  Unless you use glue .  I didn't use glue.  Just leaves.  And also a spider.  My medium was leaves, and I used a picture of a moth on my hand as a reference.  I chose this piece because it sounded like a good idea.  Also because I love moths.  Expected it to come out a little different, but this is fine too.  I'm proud of it.  Next time I'd probably have more time and more leaves.  Then it might be better.  I was inspired by the fluffy moths I found while I was at the mountain on vacation during the summer.  And red is my favorite color.  So those are the reasons and stuff.  This was rather easy to make.